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Harper's Carport Tops and Awnings

Located in Hermitage, TN.

Locally owned & operated by Shelby & Nedra Harper

Office - 615-889-2064

**** Protect your Investment. ****

*** Put A Top Over It!! ***


Company History, Reputation & Mission Statement

Harper's Carport Tops is a family owned business located in Hermitage, Tennessee.  With over 20 years of experience, our reputation for customer satisfaction and excellence precede our guaranteed products.  Backed by second to none customer satisfaction, our strength lies in our personable sales team and the fact that we stand behind what we sell.  On a daily basis we strive to provide the type of service we wish to receive ourselves, while making sure that you know who you are dealing with and have a face to put with the name.  We are  there through every step of the way, whether it is a simple awning, carport, deck or patio cover, we stand behind what we sell, believe in our products and own them ourselves.


Consumer Benefits of Owning a Top, Awning or Cover

~ Reduce heating/cooling costs on covered area, exterior walls/windows, and overall interior areas.

~ No more 'fighting' your garage door; a top is always open and easy to drive under.

~ Allows use of your patio and deck areas during inclement weather.

~ Preserve deck and patio furniture, cars, boats, and outdoor equipment from harsh sunrays, ice,
   snow, and hail.

~ Allow safe entry in/out of vehicles during rain, snow, sleet or icy conditions.

~ Helps to protect auto paint, upholstery, and dashboards.

~ Reduces interior temperatures of vehicles making it more comfortable when entering the car.

~ Provides protection from hot summer sun, rain, sleet or snow while allowing maximum enjoyment
   of your deck or patio.

~ Help vehicles, boats, RV's, patio furniture and grills to stay clean longer and extend their life.

~ Enhances the beauty of your home or commercial building.

~ Increase property value and if attached to the home a top addition usually does not increase your
   homeowner's policy payment amount.  (Check with your provider to be sure.  We will provide
   any cost related documentation you may require.)


Product Features

~ Low to no maintenance required.

~ We can design your top to fit almost any structure with our 'Specialty Designs and 
   Applications Team'.

~ The built in, wrap around, guttering system allows water to drain where you need it to go.

~ Durable long-lasting baked enamel finish on all pans.

~ Our install crews only use all metal fasteners.

~ Skylights and insulated tops are available.

~ They provide lasting beauty to any top, carport or cover addition.

~ Tops and carports can be free standing or attached to an existing building depending on the
    customer's requirements.

~ We guarantee professional, insured, properly trained installers who provide a quick, clean, and
   accurate installation.

~ Many colors are available.  Please see the Color Chips provided on our 'Residential Page', 'Awnings
    page', and our 'Quality Products Line' page.  (Colors may vary slightly from web site).